best way to learn c++

I'm currently in the middle of studying first year computer science and one of our subjects is C++. The teacher has told us our coursework is to build a game but I'm still in the process of learning arrays and loops. I was just curious how other people learnt to code with c++. I currently have 2 books which are:

Sams teach yourself c++ in 21 days:

Jumping into c++

With the course I also have access to for at least 2 years.

I'm confused. Doesn't the course teach C++? Or does the course assume that you already know C++? I think most people learn C++ by taking a course in it. If C++ knowledge is a prerequisite for the course then you probably shouldn't be taking it.
As with most uni courses they are only allowed to teach us so much. We have been shown loops and arrays but as it's christmas and have nearly 3 weeks off I wanted to look into c++ a bit more.

I was just curious if people had/prefered a way in which they learnt c++ that wasn't a set course.

It might be good to just read ahead in your class material to learn more. Be sure to do some of the exercises: programming is a lot like sports: it takes practice to get good.

If you search this forum for book recommendations, you'll find that a few pop to the top of people's lists.

Good luck!
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