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@Dum can you please provide some testcases? My code is giving correct answer for all the testcases posted above
@kanken can you please give a test case?
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@Dum can you please explain how you got each step....what you choose
I am getting 328
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has anybody solved this yet?
@kanken can u please tell me how to apply %mod in ingredients prob, I have solved the series but 1 task of subtask 2 is giving WA. I have been stuck on it for 2 days, its quite frustrating. Thanks in advance!!
you can apply the modular addition property if you are using it anywhere in your prog.
(A+B)%m = ((A%m)+(B%m))%m
if you are having problems with mod then this should definitely solve it.
@Dum please tell more corner test cases.
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For all those facing problem in mod,here is the link
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