Microcontroller Programming

I am unsure of how to start a project to be written on the microcontroller. I took C++ and Data Structure two years ago, but I am not sure how to start. Also, I do not know what materials I would need hardware-wise. For sure I would need a microcontroller and a software, but not specifically know if what kind or what other materials I would need to make this project happen. Can you please give me a hint and some approaches.

Thank you.
If it is a PIC microcontroller by Microchip, you would be best of with the Pickit 2 - package. It contains everything you need.

Otherwise, I do not know.

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if u did C++, then C should be cheap. is this a PIC, then you can use MPLAB's free PIC C Compiler from microchip. alternatively, get the free version of CC5X compiler from http://www.bknd.com/cc5xfree.exe

you will need a quick tutorial (2 days?) with "Programming PIC Microcontrollers in C" you can get this from esnips.com
That should get you started if not sorted out. However, i hope your application is not entirely time dependent.... high level language slows things down compared to assembly code. If you really don't mind, get acquainted with the 8051 assembly language(Intel). the following tutorials may suit you:

The 8051 microcontroller and embedded systems also from esnips.

Maximus Byamukama, Uganda
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