C++ vs C# for game programming


I started programming with C++ about 10 days ago, and I'm still in basics (best program I have made is Tic-Tac-Toe( http://pastebin.com/DgsWxL7T ) from scratch. However, I have started to wonder if C++ is the best way to go for me. I´ve done a bit researching, and I found that Xbox 360 doesn't support C++, only C#. Am I correct with that one? In fact basically only reason I'm learning to program is that I would love to work in game studio or make my own indie studio. I'm planning to make apps for mobile platforms ( such as iOS) and for XBLA (Xbox).
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I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain of these things: To program for iOS you need to use Objective-C. To program games for XBLA, you need to use C# (wthi XNA, I think). If you want to sell the games then you need to have a Developer's account (I think that's what it's called) and that costs about $100 a year.

Again, you might want to verify this through google, but I think it's correct.

As a side note, tic-tac-toe in 10 days? Well, certainly better than me, took me three weeks to make a console program that converts to and from morse code. Then an additional two weeks to make a casino game using classes. I'm slow :/
If you plan at some point to work for a AAA game company then you will need to learn C++. If indie development is fine then C# with XNA will work for you. But whey not learn both? :) It's not uncommon for core engines to be developed in C++ and the editing tools in C#.Net.
Thanks for answers! I am planning indeed to work in AAA ( or maybe not AAA, but still big ) game company. Here in Finland where I live we have about 7 big studios ( notable games produced by them in last couple years are Angry Birds, Alan Wake, 3DMarks, Trine etc. ), but I am also considering making a Indie Studio. Maybe I will try to learn advanced C++ concepts first and make some kind of 2.5D-platformer C++ game first ( probably not commercial ) this year/next year, and after that I will start learn C#. I'm going next year to upper secondary school (= ~high school) so I have a lot of time to learn these languages.
if ya dont mind the move a country away i know DICE is based in stockholm, they do Battlefield series, as well as the new MOH(Frostbite engine imo is one of the best damn engines out there, physics are insane with it, also AI was boosted nicely from 1.0 to 1.5), and even though battlefield bad company 3 will be out by time your out of HS(assuming finland does a 4 year stint), im sure they'll have plenty of other projects lined up being a part of EA games(plus im sure the stock options and benefits would kick A$$ working for EA)
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