What's wrong?

So I'm studying about class/objects and decided to make a simple program, but it's not working.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

Class Square
double width;
double length;

void setWidth(double wid)
{width = wid;}

void setLength(double len)
{length = len;}

double getWidth()
{return width;}

double getLength()
{return length;}

double getArea()
{return width * length;}

int main()
Square square1;
double recwidth;
double reclength;

cout << "Enter width of square: "<<endl;
cin >> recwidth;
cout << "Enter length of square: "<<endl;
cin >> reclength;


cout << "The area of the square is: " << square1.getArea() << endl;
shouldn't it be that your complain is it won't compile?
hint: Class Square
Haha, thank you, really stupid mistake. Also forgot to add return 0; at the end.
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