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Hi all,

I am new to programming in C++ and I am currently using Visual C++ express but I find it difficult and complicated.

What compiler would you recommend that it is easy to use?


i like Code::Blocks. I usually use that as my main IDE. I've played around with netbeans too, both free
I've been using Dev-C++ for a bit now. It's still complicated (to me), but not as bad as Visual C++. I just installed Visual C++, and there was some strange "Hello World" statement already written in, not even in the cout << "Hello World" << endl; style you'd expect.

I started the "default" program; it said "Hello World" then closed down right away. There was no system("PAUSE"), which is what I've gathered a good thing. There was a return() which I expected would do the job of not closing the program down immediately, but I guess that doesn't do it.

I then tried adding my own line of text (using cout << "Hello" << endl;), but it gaves me like 30 lines of errors. I don't know what's up with different code from one compiler to another.

I'm going to download Code::Blocks now and see if that works. If not, I'll just have to stick with Dev-C++, even though it hasn't been updated in years (from what I heard) and still has system("PAUSE") as default code. It doesn't even have the #include(iostream) stuff at the beginning of new source files. It has caused much confusion for me.

I don't know why it's so hard to find a decent free compiler :(
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If you have been using Dev-C++, why not try wxDev-C++ available at http://wxdsgn.sourceforge.net/ ? I will, however, recommend Code::Blocks as well. It's by far the best.
What makes wxDev-C++ different than the regular Dev-C++? Is it somewhat easier?
Sorry. I assumed you had become familiar enough with Dev-C++ that wxDev-C++ would be a painless move. I'm not sure if there's any good/bad differences since I'm not at a Windows computer to download and install it at the moment. I'd still recommend Code::Blocks over any IDE (even Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC), Eclipse CDT and Netbeans) to someone who needs an IDE unless programming on a Mac, in which case I'd recommend Xcode.
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wxDev-C++ is just an updated version of Dev-C++ along with a wxWidgets form creator.

Seeing as to how Dev-C++ hasn't been updated in 4 years, I would suggest using wxDev-C++ over Dev-C++.
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Code::Blocks with wxWidgets (wxForge form designer), C::B itself is an easy and good IDE, form designers on the otherhand are somewhat lacking.
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Try using qt by nokia it is the next big thing, it is also available for free
lol guys at least try VC++. I started out with Dev-C++ but that thing sucks because it doesn't define unicode by default. Also, no code completion OR as-you-type error checking, not to mention VC++ will tell you the parameters of a function as you're writing it.

As for the errors when using cout(), try:
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
//other declarations/includes
int main()
    cout << "Hello World";
    return 0;

Also, you could be getting errors because of pre-compiled headers. However, you can avoid this problem by right-clicking your project name on the left toolbar, click Properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Precompiled Headers. Change "Precompiled Header" to "Not using Precompiled Headers" and it should run fine.

Hope this helps :)

Try using qt by nokia it is the next big thing, it is also available for free

Hmmm... I thot Nokia is losing market share for their hand-sets and losing monies so any other technologies they have on hand is subject to acquisition by others isn't it ? Future not so rosy for them so I would say stay away from their technologies until their future is more certain :P
qt has been around for a long time (since 1991) and has a much bigger history and useage than a GUI toolkit for mobile phones.
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The easiest compiler I personally want to mention is the GNU compile on a POSIX compatible system. Then you can use low level compiles by running commands from the terminal and even edit from there as well. That of course is if your ready to install or run the *NIX system on your computer. And if you want an IDE there are plenty availible for the *NIX platform as well.
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There are GNU compilers for Windows as well... more specifically, MinGW which targets the Windows platform.
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qt has been around for a long time (since 1991) and has a much bigger history and useage than a GUI toolkit for mobile phones.

History is something we refer to but then we cannot forsee the future isn't it ? Given a choice, for new projects that intend to use Qt, it can be put on hold to observe how Nokia future direction goes. For legacy or existing apps already using Qt then there is no good reason to change also. So I think such decision is more rational in view of Nokia future. We maintain a hold-and-see attitude.

Above is purely my opinion.
I am very new to C++ and i found Visual C++ express to be easy and good. What you have to do when making simple "hello world" progs is to create a new project, choose win32 console application, name it, then click empty project under additional options, click finish. once that is done.. in the solution explorer right click source files, add new item, pick c++ file, name it and done, you can create any simple beginner's app. to keep it open so as it does not disappear in a blink of an eye go to the debug tab and click start without debugging.
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