Cant compile in DevC++

I'm using Bloodshed DevC++ but it cannot compile,and only displaying this message "The system could not find the file specified".And when I start it,it displays this CAUTION:There doesn't seem to be GNU Make file in PATH or in Dev-C++ Bin Path.Please make sure that you have GNU Make and adjust Bin setting or system PATH enviroment variable and that make setting in Compiler Option contains correct filename,otherwise you will not be able to compile anything.

Please help,because I'm new to programming and all this is greek to me
First of all, you can try to re-install DevC++.

If that doesnt work, i have a question:
Can you find make.exe in c:\\dev-cpp\bin (you may have dev-cpp on another location)?
re-installing does not work and there is a file "rm" in c:\\dev-cpp\bin.More help please
Which version did you install?
Did you check for install issues with your version?
FYI: I installed version and it works great, you might try that.
in the properties of this file rm,the file type is indicated as application
Mine is also version,not yet checked
there are 2 versions of bloodshed available on

1. Bloodshed
2. Bloodshed no Mingw

the no mingw version runs on Unix systems only....

as bloodshed is made for Unix systems particularly so it requires gcc(GNU C Compiler) to compile anything...

the 1st version ive mentioned here has mingw, which simulates gcc for non UNIX systems...

so u have to download the DevC++ ver which has mingw and installer is of 9mb.

Hey, thanks Anantmishra! I got the same problem as Gaoria and I solved it with your posts. That might solve yours too, Gaoria. Bye!
Thanks Anantmishra
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