Running class functions through a pointer.

Hello so I have a problem. I'm using a class however due to the fact that I cannot initialize it at the startup of the program(simply because the user inputs data needed for initalization)

I am using a global pointer(a method recommended in, among other places, this forum.

However later on in the program when I try to call a funtion of the class I really cannot for the life of me figure out the syntax to call the funtion through the pointer. The line itself that I want to call is

thePlayer is defined earlier as
aPlayer* thePlayer;

and viewStats is a function contained in the aPlayer class. Could anyone please tell me what to do to not generate the error C2276: '*' : illegal operation on bound member function expression
or any other errors.

I'm using windows 7 and VC++ 2008.
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Thanks alot.
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