Which C++ book question?

Hi i'm Max and i want to learn C++. After doing some research and having prior knowledge/little knowledge in C++, i would to officially get started with C++. The two books that are mentioned a lot to start off C++ is C++ Primer and Accelerated C++. For those that have read both, which one in you opinion has the most detailed explanations and the best book to start learning C++. I haven't found much detail on differences between Primer and Accelerated C++ and which one people prefer, so that is my question. After reading either one, i am going to pick up Effective C++ by Scott Meyers and after that a C++11 book, since there are not many out now. Any other C++ books that would be extremely beneficial to read after C++ Primer or Accelerated C++ would also be appreciated. Thanks.
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This is a great book that got me started. Many colleges use this as an introduction to programming.
Also, the documentation on this site is really good as well. I like the projects the book gives you though.
I second chris. I too have the book he has... only i have the fourth edition... and being able to work through some of the exercises in the book definitely helps to aid in ensuring that you are learning how to use what you are reading about...

"C++ Programming-Program design including data structures: 4th edition" is what I have...

It is a bit hefty on price... but if you really want to learn I would recommend a more expensive book... I have bought c++ for dummies (when I was younger (not to mention other books as well)) and I gave up on learning because I just thought that it was beyond me... but it turns out that it was the person that wrote the book that did not clarify things well... D.S. Malik is pretty good about clarifying exactly what he means through the use of examples...


looks like a lot of other people agree that this is a good book... could save a bundle :)...
I just got C++ Primer 4th edition myself. I personally really like it
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The only problem I see with C++ primer 4th edition is the publishing date - Feb. 24, 2005.
It would be great to have a good book which presents the new C++11 standards well.

Note: At the above amazon link it is revealed that there is a 5th edition. It is not available yet but they are taking pre-orders. Price = $59.99. They aren't offering an estimated availability date, but note the publication date in the description below.

amazon wrote:

Book Description
ISBN-10: 0321714113 | ISBN-13: 978-0321714114 | Publication Date: July 23, 2012 | Edition: 5
While maintaining the authority and quality of a book that has sold more than 500,000 copies, this Fifth edition is not your father's C++ Primer.It has been completely revised and rewritten to conform to today's C++ usage. Readers new to C++ will find a clear and practically organized introduction to the language enhanced by numerous pedagogical aids. Readers returning to C++ will be able to update their knowledge with new material on using C++ libraries and programming styles.
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I have the fourth edition too. Haven't tried the c++ primer, but I'll try and track it down. I don't claim to be an expert on knowing for sure what the best book is, but that one certainly has worked for me. Also, you might look up some of those free online courses MIT offers. You can watch entire lectures for CS160 161 and 162 I believe (my school codes) and learn that way as well. If anything, they'll help you really understand what being talked about in the books.
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