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Hello! for a while I have been trying to make "\a"work...it doesn`t ,by not working I mean that it makes no BEEP as it should... Any idea? thank you!
'\a' ?
@Lynx876 yes but shouldn`t it work if I do something like cout<<"BEEP \a";???
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@Lynx876 I tried what you said...still no Beep.
The following works fine for me:
cout << '\a' << '\a' << '\a' << '\a' << '\a';
@Lynx876 exactly how I thought ,it still doesn`t work . Do I need to enter a header? or maybe because I`m using CodeBlocks doesn`t work? Or maybe because I use a laptop?
...I also tried on other compilers...same. I think it`s because of the PC
I use Visual Studio, but I don't think that should make a difference.

I created an empty project, so no, no extra headers are needed.

This is all the code I used to get my PC to beep:
#include <iostream>

int main()
	std::cout << '\a' << '\a' << '\a';

	return 0;
The C++ standard doesn't say that '\a' should beep. I can't hear any beep.
I give up. I`m sure that my PC is the problem. Thank you everyone anyway . Have a nice day!
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