Interesting code:blocks issues

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I'm surprised as well, I have AVG on a system and was unable to reproduce the issue with a fresh install of code::blocks. Can you post the code that was flagged as a virus? If this is an AVG issue it should be reproduced so a bug report can be filed.
AVG can damage seriously your system because it destroys the entire document which is suspicious or which has a virus. That document might be a .dll or something like this. In your place, I would reinstalled the operating system.
Can you post the code that was flagged as a virus?

It was any code. I had code with just one line of cout and it would get flagged. Unless I had the code return a non zero. For some reason that let it run without getting flagged
What version of AVG do you use and was it updated? I don't know if you can really say AVG is the problem unless it can be reproduced on a different system, I'm inclined to think it its something else specific to your system.
Also what did you run the "full virus scan" with? Hopefully not with the same AVG you later uninstalled.
I did. Like I said earlier, the only thing it found was the program.
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