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I have recently finished reading 'C++ without fear' by Brian Overland. The book was extremely useful and very well written. It teaches the basics of C++.

I am now wondering what my next step is, I obviously want to keep learning more C++. Do you guys recommend anything?

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as a beginner I can tell you from a conversation w/ my tutor and a few others that it depends on what you want to do. If its games, grab the first engine you see and play with it. if its console programs, write up some pheudo-code and get a program working. It doesn't have to be useful, just functional. Hope that helps, and remember, this info is from someone probably just as new as you! :)
Thanks for the advice, not really sure which I am leaning towards at the moment. Console programs would probably be more beneficial to me.

Any books you would recommend? I have some book vouchers that need spending
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