#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(){

int numeric;

cout << "Give a number to convert to ascii: ";
cin >> numeric;
cout << "The ascii value of " << numeric << " is " << (char) numeric;
it is wOrkinfg well but problem is with the multiplication sign when i use ascii code of multiplication sign which is appears another sign not multiplication sign.......:( aLL other ascii codes are working well
when i use ascii code of multiplication sign which is 158

ASCII code of * is 42.
i m requiring fOr tht multiplication sign × not *(apstaract) & its ascii code is 158 which is not wOrking......actuaLLy i m writting prOgrame fOr the table.........all the code is ready other than that multiplication sign......:'(

And if the console tells you it's not that ASCII symbol number, then it's not that ASCII symbol number...
ASCII defines 128 characters. All characters above that depend on your implementation. On some machines you may get ×. On others you may not. It can change on the same machine depending on settings.

On this table of extended ASCII, there is no multiplication sign:

On this different extended ASCII, there is one (given value 215):

If you want to use the values above 128, you will have to do some reseach on your own system to see what it uses.

Also, there is something wrong with your keyboard. You are missing punctuation marks, and some of your letters are being capitalised at random. This is bad. It creates the impression that you are five years old. You should fix your keyboard.
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thnxs gUyz...........:)
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