Initialization error

When i run thi program:-
//This program is for making a whole class friend & other stuffs.
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
class First
int a;
string s="This part is within the First class.";
friend class Second;
friend void ThirdFunction();
class Second
int b;
void mul (First*);
class Third
string t="This part is within Second class";
void ThirdFunction()
First fs;
cout << t << "\n" << fs.s;
Second::mul(First* ft)
cout << "This is the result of multiplication:" << ft -> a*b;
int main()
First* fi;
Second se;
Third th;
I get the error that iso c++ forbids intialisation of member s.
Initialize s and t in their respective constructors.
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