Problem With Function Calculation

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;
int main()
float windSpeed;
float temperature;
cout << "Please type in the temperature in degrees Celsius.\n";
cin >> temperature;
if (temperature > 10)
cout << "The value you entered violates the temperature restriction.\n";
return 0;
cout << "Please type in the wind speed in meters per second.\n";
cin >> windSpeed;
cout << "The wind chill index is " << 33 - (((10 * sqrt(windSpeed) - windSpeed + 10.5) * (33 - temperature)) / 23.1) << " degrees Celsius.\n";
return 0;

The problem I'm having is this. Let us say that I plug in a number such as 9 or 10 for windSpeed and temperature. The program works fine. Now instead, if I plug in 20 in for one of the values, the output gets way off. What is going on with my code? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Well, the program won't let you input anything greater then 10 when asking for the temperture. Have you tried just doing the math on a piece of paper to see if it's correct? I can't imagine why the calculation would result in a different result because you used a different wind speed.
Thank you pogrady! I looked back over my math and found a few errors. You were correct; the program does not give me wrong results.
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