Input through Text Box

Am i able to make text box's through which the user can enter information into and have that information saved? Using either regular C++, SFML, or some other way?
Yes you can.

Consult the documentation at
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SFML does not have a way to [easily] create a text box. That's more like something you'd find in a widgetry library like wxWidgets or Qt, which falls outside SFML's scope.

There might be a widgetry add-on library for SFML... try googling for one or asking on the SFML forums (or the SFML wiki). I don't know of one offhand.
ok thank you, so there are lots of librarys in which C++ can use?
For widgets, yes. But probably not for widgets on an SFML rendered window, as those will have to be handled specially. There might only be 1 or 2 SFML widget libs (if even that).
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