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I am beginning to learn C++ and due to my current situation i cannot always program / test, so when i am not around a computer i will be reading flash cards that i make and i was wondering if i could get some terms / help in some of the items i should put on my cards.

for instance i have a couple made on how to declare variables and preprocessor directives. Just any type of help on common used things like strings, functions or classes and preferably a lay out on how to declare them / use them. anything is welcome :)
Do you have a phone that you can set reminders on?

If so, how about setting yourself some reminder questions to go off throughout the day. Then answer them in on paper or in a notes app.

EDIT: I appreciate that this is somewhat tangential to your post. Just a suggestion, though.
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You could use this site's documentation ( as a guideline. For example:

Flashcard #1) Polymorphism: Syntactical representation
Flashcard #2) Inheritance: Representation of how class A derives from class B
Flashcard #3) Pointers: Syntactical representation
Flashcard #4) Pointers: Memory representation

...and so forth.

I don't really have a phone either, im deployed right now but it is a nice suggestion :) i appreciate it.
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