hi can anyone help i just installed vs2010 professional and started to write a code but it doesntr seem to recognize #include<iostream>, #include<strings> and using namespace std; . do i need to reinstall or is there part of the language missing.
Do you have vs2012 installed? If so install all the service packs for both and .net
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no just 2010 however i have access to a copy of 2012 if that would be better and easier
i had 2010express before i got the professional copy but i removed that do i need them both
Are you sure that you have created a C++ project?
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I highly doubt that you have correctly made an c++ project in Microsoft Visual Studio as i think Microsoft cannot be making these simple mistakes in their programs please check or retry again.
Or delete the existing project in which the ' you suspected' #include<iostream> does not work.
the source i used was cpp
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but it comes up with red squiggly lines under #include
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but when i import and run a program that i made on another computer it works fine
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