Which is better for variables? Class or struct?

Ok so I have posted before trying to use a class to hold my variables, but thats not just what there meant for, or so im told. I know the only difference between a class and a struct is the default access level, but which one is better for holding variables? I'm leaning towards struct but tell me if im wrong.
if better means makes more sense, then yes structs are better. I would use a struct for simply storing variables, no functions, no private members, does not inherit anything, etc.
Ok, yeah thats all i need are just the variables i dont need anything else. No one more question about them, now i have a variable called amount in my struct, and im going to use it for amount of people and amount of money, can it store numbers for both or do i need to make a variable for the amount of money and people?
you would need two variables to hold two ints, whether you make two variables in your structure or make two objects of the same structure, up to you and your design.
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