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have to write this program any help would be greatly appreciated.

Part1: Savings and Interest earned
You have some money saved in a bank. You earn 1.5% on that money each month. You want to know exactly how much money you earned in September.

Write a program that utilizes 3 functions to provide three items: Original savings, interest earned, and the new savings amount.

The 3 functions will do the following:
1. Function 1: Input the original savings amount (dollars and cents)
2. Function 2: Calculate the interest earned
3. Function 3: Display all three amounts above in a formatted report

Extra part: write code that will determine if your new savings total is greater than $1,000. Display what amount is still required to reach $1,000, or how much in excess of $1,000 you have earned. Be sure to test each condition and draw a top-down hierarchy chart.

Part 2: Profit and Loss Statement

You started a new company in 2012, and need to determine whether your company is profitable or not. This will help you decide whether to keep the company in 2013. The company will either be profitable, break-even, or lose money this year. Once you determine that, you will make a decision about the future.
You need to write a program to determine that.
Your program will allow you (the user) to input gross revenue, and 3 expenses (payroll, marketing, and manufacturing). A 4th expense (overhead) will be 10% of the gross revenue.
Since you do not know how to ‘pass’ back more than 1 value from a function, all input items above should be handled in the ‘main’ driver of the program, but passed to a function to calculate total expenses.
Another function will determine the profit or loss.
Based on the expenses and calculated profit or loss, your program will provide a concise ‘Profit-Loss’ statement, showing all the factors (revenue, expense details, expense sub-total, and Net Profit/Loss) outlined above. A 3rd function will determine if you are operating at a profit or loss, or breaking even.
Based on Profit or Loss, provide a ‘message’ as to which decision you will make about the company.
For extra credit, you can even build a maximum ‘loss’ amount that you would be willing to keep the company going.
Insure your program allows 2 decimals for the values above. Be sure to TEST your program thoroughly. Think about how many conditions need to be tested.
You are the programmer and the output designer. Design the solution and the report before you start writing code. Be sure to analyze the entire program and draw a hierarchy chart to help you determine the functions required and data passed to each function.
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