Hello, New to C++ Need advice + About me


First lets start on my first topic. I am new and know nothing of .... well very little about programming. (I took an online class that EPICALLY FAILED due to the teacher and every student dropped the class the day before the class ended.) So I have a basic idea of Python .. very basic.

... Anyhoo .. my main 1st question-->

What book(s) should I start out on ... I find that reading C++ for dummies .pdf file is ridiculous. They basically say copy my code from the book or from the CD given with the book and then they act like you wrote and fully understand the program. They don't explain the commands used nor how the program interprets each code ... for instance

they used things like
cout << (forgive me if my syntax is wrong this is a quick example)

but they never explained what it does exactly .. they teach you to copy/paste/compile and act like your learning... which was idiotic.


2nd question.

I would love to just plainly start learning or rather just jumping into C++. I read C, C#, and other programs will teach you things that are improper or bad in C++. My interest is mainly >gaming< I am just looking for some advice as to a great place to start. If anyone can help me please feel free to post here as I will toolbar this page and update it as I see fit.

Excuse my bad grammar I was excited to find a forum to join.
This site's tut can be downloaded and its very good.
Thank you Aceix I am currently looking into full books more than anything for future use and to further my development in latter days. I was looking late last night and saw the tut section but was very tired. I will get started into the tutorials soon.

If anyone would like to help me along the way please get at me here leave your email if possible or another means of contact.
Plenty of resources online, but for me videos by Reel Learning are the best I came across. Sure it's just a scratch of surface but it might give you good basics. This guy knows what he is talking about and is really good with presenting this knowledge.
Here is playlist, start from beginning:
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Thank you ing, I feel afraid to jump into tuts for two reasons.

Seems the tuts are teaching bad habits to beginners from what I am reading.

I am new and cannot find them easily, still searching lol. I will bookmark this and thank you for your info. As for the tuts, if someone can let me know where they are quick enough before I find them myself it would help a little... haha.

Prolly something simple like .. documentation/tuts hehe

EDIT: Funny how I hit that nail on the head hehe ... found it in just that category.
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yes, i know what you mean, but trust me, Reel Learning is doing it right way.
yeah c++ for dummies is hopless i got passes pointers thanks to buckys c++ programing tutorials on youtube i actualy learnt these tutorial first http://www.dev-hq.net/c++/ and then buckys stuff, both wil lteach you the very basics in only ten days...if you have a notebook and a bit of time you will grasp everything the third or fourth time you review it

as for gaming i think your gonna have to learn slowly, the first thing will be using the <- operator in a text based game then maybe make a juornal and some data bases and a calculator THEN a tetris game then ur side scroller

hi every body!
i have learned C++ for a long time ago,but now I'm really intrested in game programming. I have been reading "Creating Games in C++ step by step" ,...but now there is a problem: to understand this book you must see the codes attach with the book.

Any body have the CD...please tell me how to get it. thanks so much.
If anyone would like to help me along the way please get at me here leave your email if possible or another means of contact.

If you need a tutor on C/C++ you can write me PM.
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