Search Through Directories

I am using Mac OSX 10.8 with g++ 4.2.1

I have a directory (dataSets) which stores a unified set of scientific data all in the same format. These data sets are organized within the parent directory by categories which each have their own subdirectory.

I am writing an application which will search through dataSets and find the relevant data set for a given problem (the file name is provided) and perform a given calculation. It is not always known by the user which subdirectory the specific data set may be found in. I am having trouble implementing a method for the program to search through the subdirectories until it finds the appropriate subdirectory.

Though I have not yet used Boost, I think that a possible solution may be to use some of its libraries to search through dataSet's contents. If the file is not found in the parent directory the subdirectories can be used to recursively call the same find function until the dataset in question is found. Is this a good method?
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