i want to know how to jump in into microprogramming

I am C++ ,PHP/MYSQL i am a bit confused at this moment how to apply my knowledge in the industries i have write some applications like contact manager, inventory now i am current living in west london please!!! anyone close to me , just want team.
because this is C++ forum i will love C++ programmer to give me task or tell me more on what to learn , Why i learnt c++ is because i want to be Microprogrammer and i dont know what to do. what i can do with c++ now is console programming and window API Programming Applications like textbox,windows,e.t.c and also console programming data struture,file manipulations,functions,pointers,oop and littles others for basic. please!!! i want to know how to jump in into microprogramming or recommended book to but please!!!!
Please I need help?
Can you tell use your understanding of 'microprogramming'?

"Although loose usage has sometimes equated the term "microprogramming" with the idea of "programming a microcomputer", this is not the standard definition. Rather, microprogramming is a systematic technique for implementing the control unit of a computer. It is a form of stored-program logic that substitutes for sequential-logic control circuitry. "
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