Building a new comp -HELP- :D .. plz

I am learning programming slow but surely and viewing game design in mostly graphics department and loving what I will be able to do with the combo once i get a year or two in.

I really need quick advice on what I need for my comp hardware wise, as I am not up to date with new processors, ram limits, or motherboard limits/advancements. I am looking to spend around 800-1000 roughly but need help...

I was thinking someone could help me look up the guts mostly as the case will be easy for me to pick and order cheap.

I was thinking something like this.. (ramblings mostly not 100% sure on things)

Core i5? (not sure if there is better cpu's out there but I've heard talk corei5 isnt far from the i7 performance wise... if this infomration is incorrect plx let me know.

Power Supply-
? no clue

Mother board-
? no clue

16gig (not sure on ddr3/ddr4 not sure what to buy or what ddr is up to lol)
I chose 16gb because it seems like map/texture editing will get demanding so I will need tons of ram .. correct me if I am wrong.

Fans/Heatsink/or cooling unit other than fan, liquid? -
? no clue ... will a fan be quite enough for me not to hear and cool the cpu efficiently? Will a radiator be quieter and cool things down better (cause I know a radiator has a fan too .. so maybe fan is the better choice?

I dont really need anything else atm as I will use my noggin for the HD/DVD-BRD drives and other components....

GFX card-
Not sure on anything about these now ... seems I am way outdated on which brand is best... will I need a top of the line GFX card for superb editing? not sure

SFX card-
? no clue Will I need a nice one for game sound editing?

Please let me know, and if someone has the time maybe look some stuff up for me.. as of right now I will edit this post based on what I think I need later tonight unless someone posts feedback before then.

I am just looking to go as cheap as I can without crapping on quality too much.
I will be creating a game based on storyline we already have over about 3-4 years of writing and this game will be a doozy :P

Lmk and thanks to all who help with replys!

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