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I'm currently on an FIRST FRC robotics team and I programmed our robot in Lab view last year, but I'm trying to learn C++. I'm wondering what is the best software to use in order to compile the code to a robot in FRC? And basically anything to help me get started. I don't know that much about programming, my knowledge of Lab view is minimal. Thanks
(software not to just compile, but to write the code in as well)
(software not to just compile, but to write the code in as well)

Then I suggest an IDE. If you are programming on Windows - Code::Blocks with MinGW or Microsoft Visual C++
Mac OS X - Maybe Xcode
Linux - I don't know of an IDE yet but g++(compiler) and gdb(debugger) are the best AFAIK
Aceix is correct and I would suggest Code::Blocks with MinGW ...

Make sure its MinGW as this is a compiler built in to the IDE itself so you can code/compile your code to an exe file to run later.

Hope we helped you, Any questions can be directed to someone else because I am also new to programming, unless you want tuts-vids-and much more .... then you can private message me and I will pull some great resources for you to read/watch/test and more.

Good Luck,
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