C-Free does nothing when I click "Run"

I'm working on a C++ program at the moment in C-Free. I've finally taken care of all the compile errors, so there are 0 errors and 0 warnings. But when I go to Build>Run, nothing happens. Previously a black terminal-looking screen would pop up which the program would execute in.

I don't know if I changed a setting accidentally or what. The C-Free FAQ page was completely unhelpful. Any help with this would be ridiculously appreciated.

Here is the text I get in the message window when I try to run:

-------Configuration: mingw2.95 - LIB Debug, Builder Type: MinGW (Old)---------

Checking file dependency...

Compile Make Main: 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
Generated C:\Users\Loot\Desktop\Main.LIB
It looks like you are building a library as opposed to an executable.
Ahh, that would explain it then. Any idea how I could make it build an executable file instead?
Can C-Free programme for Windows DLL?
Yes. Please see "Project templates" of C-Free Help.

It seems like you could probably specify a "Project template" when you start a project. Anyway, it looks like there is a help section related to this.
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