Write a C++ program that reads in three floating point numbers from the keyboard and the finds the arithmetic, harmonic and geometric mean.

how to do this?
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Well. What have you done? Please show us.

Its very bad manners to ask somebody questions like this. Even in real life its hard to get a answer. This is probably why no one is answering you.
i dont know what is arithmetic and harmonic and geometric
its actually very simple... v r not gonna let u t code! but v wud help u to get it urselves...
Let the three numbers b a,b and c... thn the arithmetic mean is (a+b+c)/3, geometric mean is cube root of (a+b+c) and harmonic mean is (ab+bc+ac)/3*a*b*c... finish, tats a simple program! u wud get it done with in a matter of seconds!
ok ,thx
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