Having a hard time with nested if statements

I am new to the forum and to the programing world and i have read the rules. This is a homework question but i dont want a solution i just need help with this problem. I need to know what im doing wrong.

I have to do a code based on this graph :

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So what's going wrong?
Compiles fine (unless it's system("pause");). You need to switch line 33 and 38 as per the image.
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i want to ask the user for the input when necessary.For example, if the user doesn't have a fever you only need to ask if he has a stuffy nose, and you do not need to ask if he has a rash or if his ear hurts. On command prompt line 22 and 25 still appear when i try to get said diagnosis.
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Move the prompts into the if statements.
ok i think thats it. Im on it.
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