Business Simulation or Super Hero RPG

In terms of coding, I've been dabbling with C++, Python, and HTML for years. Would need to take refresher courses online to learn. I've created a couple of games with RPG Maker and Game Maker, but always wanted to create two versions of a comic book simulation:

1) You control a company and publish, hire/fire talent, create storylines and marketing gimmicks, and compete for sales. Very in-depth with personalities and variables that affect sales, etc. Text game with some basic skins and images.

2) You are a superhero or villain in an evolving game world, interacting with other characters, accomplishing goals. Text game with some basic skins and images.

Both would be database heavy.

Both are inspired by Grey Dog Software's Total Extreme Wrestling (business sim) and Comic Book Hero (text fighting game, but limited in RPG).

Am politely asking to be pointed in a direction- any direction (language, tutorials, toolkit, existing software to create, etc). Just at a loss with a starting point. Have my whole life to work on them, no rush.
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The problem with your question here is that the answers are all based on your personal preference. You could technically write both games in HTML, it would be a pain but I've seen stuff just as tedious posted here and technically work. For a 2D gaming library I always find myself recommending SFML 2.0 if that helps.
Some considerations would be the speed of data retrieval when simming and database management.
For GUI, some dropdowns and buttons/ control panel interfaces like sports business sims, nothing fancy graphically but not all text.
Will need a language or platform that allows some intense formulas for probabilities and character interactions.
Def would not want to deal with HTML.

The aforementioned games by Greydog were built via C++ and Access, and I have detected too many flaws.

Guess I will play around with SFML 2.0.
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