what does this suppose to mean

Unhandled exception at 0x778815de in iris.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::out_of_range at memory location 0x002af564..

I tried to understand "xthrow.cpp" but I'm new at C++ and it doesn'T mean any more than complicated numbers and letters
my program doesn't work and breaks:(((
It means you've done something in your code very wrong. std::out_of_range generally means you've tried to access part of a vector or some other such container that doesn't exist. For example, trying to access element 20 of a vector that only has 10 elements in it.
I think it is because I literally copy paste something from internet to my function bcoz I don't know how to transport content of a vector into a text file.
So how can I do it ???
If you are using visual studio try to step through your code with the debugger and see where the error occurs. It looks like you are trying to access unallocated memory.

Are you using arrays or pointers? That funny hex number is just a memory location.
when I try to see the error it just leads me to "xthrow.cpp" file which doesn't help at all:(

I 'm using vectors
You're probably trying to access a vector location that hasn't been assigned a value or something of that nature.

If you post the code, this process would be a lot easier. ;-)
when I try to see the error it just leads me to "xthrow.cpp" file which doesn't help at all:(

It will also allow you to see all the function calls that led to that point, one of which is yours.
the code is very long so I don't wanna make anyone bother to go all over it . Its my last option and before that can I make a function to return a vector??because the code is about bulding a class which has sequential functions that use the vector created by the first function FormVector.

but FormVector returns void. I assumed that it just prepares the vector so the other functions can use it

Use the debugger. It will break as soon as the error is thrown and you should be able to review the stack trace.
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