Getting started with C++

Hello, I was wondering what the best way to start learning C++ would be. I want to learn C++ because I have a big interest in gaming and how games are made. I know this will take time but I have a lot of spare time and would really like to learn C++. I currently know some HTML that I have learnt from college but they don't teach C++ so I was hoping someone could tell me the ways in which I could start learning it.
Grab a compiler and your favorite text editor, and a respectable book and you'll be ready to go.
And patience.
Code::Blocks is a good free IDE, though the GNU/GCC compilers that come with it are a bit out of date. I updated those and haven't had any real issues with it.

As for books, the one I'm using currently has been fantastic. It's C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata. The 6th Ed. is up to date with the C++11 standards too and let's you know when you go over certain topics where this standard has changed things a bit.
I am also learning C++. I have bought the C++ for dummies 7in 1. I also use Code::Blocks as one of my IDE compilers. Code::Blocks is free. You can also get Visual C++ express edition for free. There are also a lot of free tutorials and videos on the web. One site to look into is They have a lot of videos for free although they do have a $35 a month sub fee. But a lot of the videos are free including all the Beginning C++ videos. Mostly just alot of patience and practice.
Thank you very much for the information so far. I will have a go at all of your ideas. If you have anymore recommendations please keep posting them as I will check back often and see what people have posted. Thank you once again.
Hi again. If I find anything that I found useful I will post here. I found this tutorial:
I have watched 3 so far. Do you think that these tutorials are any good or do you think I should stop watching them?
Did you learn anything from those videos?
- YES - Then it means they're good, so keep watching.
- NO - In my experience, one advances fastest by embarking on a try-and-fail cycle.

You try, and you fail. Then you ask questions (we're here for you), and you learn from the answers. This will take time and effort. C++ is difficult. Games are very difficult. (You're not making Tetris, are you? You want to make something serious with 3D graphics and physics.)

First things first. Get comfortable with the C++ language.
I'm going to recommend you start learning without an IDE at first, as in just start learning with a basic text editor and a command line compiler. Learn how to compile and use some basic flags, learn how to link, and learn how to run the debugger, then go grab an IDE.

Now I really doubt you'll take that advice, but you'll wish you had 6 months down the road when you're having linker errors out the ass.
Thank you for your advice. I do plan on making more advanced games as I like a challenge and I love the thought of being able to change anything at anytime withing a game. Also I will take any advice given to me so I will try all of the advice and see what suits me best.

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