I need a mate that can make games with me...
i still sussing out get ticks am i too far behind? i always wanted to make an rpg style game where theres a few subgames, its set in an alternative world called devonia here ufos whip around doing there buisness and no one knows how they got there, theres a strong moby dick theme and the main character 'Ahab' gets crazier and crazier, you have to hunt and harpoon ufos, force them to crash and use the scrap to build better harpoons and rpg leveling up stuff for your team...its called 'return to devonia' oh and theres brontasourus :D

Making a game with any graphical interface is way more complicated then you might think at first. First of all, you would most likely need multiple class files and know how to call them, have a basic idea of the structure of your game, and a pretty good knowledge of c++. I suggest if you are going to make a game, then you should not be posting this under the begginers thread. Please move this to the Jobs or General... Or even the lounge... although I don't suggest there very much. Reason being is you would get more relavent replies to your issue and not a bunch of beginners that just want to jump in to it and try to code something without any knowledge... Also, some people might find it annoying.

Thanks and good luck,

i pretty good at the old graphic design, oh well what they are saying is that understanding SDL may not be for beginners, well done you have a promotion
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