Visual C++ 2010 IDE, a few questions


I just registered on this lovely site and i need some basic help.

I have been on the IT scene for 15 years but only recently (2 years ago) obtained MS 2010 Visual C++ Professional development kit. (I have noticed that 2012 version is out, but i left college since 2011 and cant obtain it anymore).

So, i'm half way through this book on Visual C++ 2010 by Ivor Hortons. Its a nice book but the forums it comes with are mainly inactive, so, after searching Google i was forwarded to this forum :)

Like i said i am half way through the 1200 page book.

I should also say that i got a BA degree in Business and completed a half of a IT master degree but was forced to leave due to bad health.

I am learning Visual C++ for number of reasons: i want a job as a programmer and i have a idea for a marketable program in mind which i want to put into code once i learned enough about MS Visual C++, MFC, CLI/CLR programming, SQL, and windows internet programming.

To get the ball rolling i will ask few questions: In MS Studio 2010, what is the best form for writing a windows based internet application similar to Skype or MSN messenger? Is it MFC, Native C++ or CLI/CLR??

That brings us to another question: if i choose MFC for example, as far as i remember i would need to enable full DLL integration of the code INTO exe file/program. For others to run this program, if they have no MFC libraries on their PC and all (8 meg of them) MFC libraries are not induced with the program, it would not work correct?

Same is with CLI/CLR - it comes with GUI development where u add buttons and menu's and other tool bar items, but what is the use of CLI? Will it work on other machines?

These are the basic few questions i would like to ask. Once i am pointed in the right direction i will study and implemented SQL and internet programming.

A BIG thank you to anyone who replies to my thread and tells me where to go / what to do.
I don't know much aboutthe mfc, bu I know that Microsoft has a site devoted to development on their platform.

You can try that for some answers if you cannot find any here.
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