Having Problems with Class based code

Hi, I'm new to the forum but I'm a computer engineering student at an engineering school so I will probably frequent here. I'm having a problem with creating a class based calculator. Our TA wanted us to have a calculator work that based on two things: 1. The variables for the input numbers must be floats or doubles.
2. You must be able to type in the operation you want after inputting the variables with a string. I.e, "summation" for addition and "subtraction" for subtraction. I'm going to copy-paste my visual studio code, and would love if someone could look at it and tell me why I'm getting extraneous results in the console.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

class Calculator{
float firstVariable;
float secondVariable;
double result;
string option;

void Summation(){
result = firstVariable + secondVariable;
cout << "Result of summation: " << result << endl;

void Subtraction(){
result = firstVariable - secondVariable;
cout <<"Result of subtraction: " << result << endl;

int main() {
Calculator myCalculator;
float firstVariable(0);
float secondVariable(0);
string option("");

cout << "Give two values for your variables first." << endl;
cout <<"Type 'summation' for addition of variables, 'subtraction' for subtraction of variables." << endl;

cout << endl;
cin >> firstVariable;
cin >> secondVariable;
cin >> option;

if (option == "summation"){
else if (option == "subtraction"){

return 1;

Thanks again!
The variables firstVariable and secondVariable in main are completely unrelated to and separate from the variables of the same name in class Calculator.
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