Visual Studio, zipping and uploading project folders

Hi All,

I have finished my lab, it builds, and works like it is supposed to. I just zipped everything up and uploaded my lab to the dropbox, and since there was an issue with my lab building last week (Built and ran fine for me, but the Professor said he had to rebuild it), I decided to open up the zip file off the dopbox just to make sure it opened and ran fine. When I clicked on the project file, I got this error:

“C:\Users\Stevens\AppData\Local\Temp\\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim.vcxproj : error : Project "C:\Users\Stevens\AppData\Local\Temp\\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim\CIS247B_Week2Lab_StevensJim.vcxproj" could not be found.”.

I am assuming this is what happened last week. I am zipping up the entire project folder. Am I missing something?? Anyone have any suggestions??
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