Need help with strings

Im making a chat program and i want to have commands that start with '/'.

So for the command /nick name, i need help breaking the string up.

I need something like,
if( beginningOfBuffer == /nick )
    change ID to endHalfOfBuffer(which would contain 'name')

I never really had to use strings in any complicated way so i have no idea how to do this.
Aha so c_str splits things into tokens... I think thats useful information. Im still looking for help though heh
First of all you can define string literal "nick " as a const pointer. For example

const char *nickname = "nick ";

and then use the following if statement

if ( buffer[0] == '/' && substr( buffer, 1, std::strlen( nickname ) ) == nickname )
   // change ID to endHalfOfBuffer(which would contain 'name')
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