OOP- Data Conversion

Hello, I've been asked to do a class project regarding data conversion using classes: Here is the task itself;
Create a class to operate on English measure system(feet/inches, 1 foot=12 inches)
Call the new class Length.The Data components in this class for feet is integer variable.Include accessor and mutator member functions. Add appropriate constructors to initialize Length to 0 and to initialize it to fixed values. A member function should display it in appropriate format. A GetData() method should read and validate data from the standard input.Include member functions that permit data conversion in both directions:
-from real(double) value (poles) to feet/inches
-from feet/inches to real(double) value (poles)
1 pole unit=5.03 meters, 1 meter=3.2808 feet

**I basically did the class and initialized as professor demanded but I am not sure how to calculate and convert data type in the class and then use it in main class. Should I use operator functions in order to perform conversion?
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