Tic Tac Toe

Hello after so many years of sitting on my back wasting time, i finally decided to fulfill my passion, Programming, and i decided to start with C++.
i've read the tutorial on this site, and i wrote this Tic Tac Toe to memorize the Syntax.
Now i don't really know what should i learn next, can somebody expert advice me something to learn?
my main objective is Win32 softwares and videogames.

P.S: Sorry about my bad english, i'm italian and i never had a chance to study the language, just learned by listening and talking it.

this is the source code of Tic Tac Toe, there are plenty of bugs since i just started.
it must be compiled.

Video of the application
Virus scan.

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One suggestion is to go to xoax.net and watch the C++ console and Win32 videos. You might also consider other plug-ins to programming, such as OpenGL and Allegro if you want graphics and sound. Hope I helped!
Thanks you man i appreciate it, i will try that next, which should be easier for a beginner? OGL or Allegro ?
about graphic mostly would be 2D.
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I am not sure which is easier, I have only done a small amount of work in OGL, and none in Allegro. You should try a small portion of both and see which is easier.
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