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i dont know .... i am seeking help,,,, i think i am the one who is helping u now
Yes because that is an unclear direction. What does that mean?
unclear question yes u say it thats why i am seeking help... the question i write it as i see it ......

If that is what you have as the direction I'm not sure what that means maybe someone else does. Or maybe you can email your instructor.
here is the original question again

I have to modify this program so that it also asks the user to enter a number from 1-10. When the user enters the number 1, the program should update only the first price in the array. When the user enters 2, the program should update only the 2nd price, and so on. It says to use a loop that stops prompting the user when he or she enters a number that is either less than or equal to 0 or greater than and run the program .increase the second price by 10%, increases the tenth price by 2 %, and decrease the first price by 10%."
any help plz
Dude just email your instructor as ask what they mean by that. Other then that I got nothing. Maybe someone else knows the directions are saying.
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