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Hey Guys,

I am newbie here, and my knowledge to computers is near to none. See I am a student of science but enjoy using technology. So I want to learn C++ to make a few simple softwares. So can anyone guide me in the right direction, like where to start. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry if this is he wrong area to post.

And also, what program is best to use to program.
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why don't you start from a simple Hello world program you can find a lot of complete tutorial online
If you want to get something up and running quickly, I would recommend a scripting language like Python. Much easier to pick and use.
But I think C++ is more useful than Python, I would rather it takes more time, but it be more useful. If you get what I mean
Well then there are many useful tutorials on this site along with the best C++ documentation on the Internet (IMO). C++ is also the language of choice for most large scale science related simulations.

Do you have something in mind that you want to model?
recomend buckies c++ tutorials, if you want to make stuff but dont want to be an expert they say java is better, bucky has tutorials on that too, either way, bucky will teach you everything the quikest...thenn use the tuts here for clearer explanations for deeper understanding
Bucky is pretty awesome. He's a funny guy and easy to listen to. I actually had a class once that used part of one of his videos.
Yes, I am think of making a simple cricket match simulator.
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