Now this maybe forward, but I'm on a time frame

Essentially, I am tasked with creating a system, that can create multiple "Accounts", I have to create an account class, which then has variable within it such as balance, and interest rate, but what I need to know is how I would go about firstly, creating an array to store an object, then storing an instance of the object in the array. I also need to be able to create new accounts and in turn store them in the array.

While I know creating array is something along the lines of

Account* AccountArray[10];

I do not know how I would go about creating a "createAccount" method that saves the current account in the array, any help would be much appreciated

I'm not a wise man when it comes to code please keep it in stupid mans terms if possible, I do apologise and I'm sure there is an explanation somewhere, but poor eyesight and a lack of understanding pushes me back.
Well thanks, but I have done all of that, I've post in the beginners and explained that I am aware there will probably be a similar post, but I am unable to spend long searching due to eyesight issues, so that's just rude really.
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