I need a Starting Point

Hello, i've been reading this C++ book from Alex Allain , and i've come to the point where im supposed to figure out an algorithm which i really am having troubles sorting it out, i quote from the book:

" For example, imagine trying to come up with an algorithm for a program that displayed the English
name for a number (example: 1204, one thousand, two hundred four). "

How am i supposed to sort that algorithm ?

Ps. I am not asking you to create the code or anything alike, i just need some pointers so i can have a clue to what im doing, thanks :)
Welcome to programming. Programming is the art and craft of thinking about problems in a way that the solution lends itself to programmatic expression. All the rest is just learning syntax.

How did you do it? Explain to me how I can look at the number 3246 and know what to say.

Is it two thousand, six hundred and forty-three? If not, why not? Tell me why and then you'll know how to programme it.
Its so frustrating. Maybe its because its getting late here aswell, i cant think straight i couldnt even start a basic structure of the code for now, i will have to start fresh tomorrow. Any other comments would be greatly appreciated thanks.

-Good Night
Hi Dexterr,

Are you just beginning C++? If so, I would like to help you learn more.

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