Hey ladies and guys, so just as the title states I'm like a fetus to the world of coding and programming. Currently I'm self learning from web sources and books. What I'd like to know is would it be necessary or optional to write my code and programs in a physical notebook or just on the computer? Any starter tips for me? From all of you rounded coders n programmers, tips on best practices when self learning/teaching.

Details are great *hint hint*
Thanks all. You're great!

A Lepos
When first thinking of how to write a program it can be helpful to use pen and paper to write down what most call "pseudocode" which is simply a template for the structure and flow of the program using basic english (or your language of choice.) Say you wanted to write a program that takes several integer values from the user and averages them. Your pseudocode might look something like:

Ask user for input
input ints to array
sum array
divide sum by # of inputs
output average

From there it's much easier to replace the pseudocode with working code. Plus this helps you see any logical errors you may have with your understanding of the problem or how to solve it.

As for learning, I'm still in the early stages myself. The best things I can advise would be to:

a) Get a good hardcopy reference. Hell, get 3 if you can afford it. Every source you read (that is even HALF decent) will offer you different insights into the language and how to use it, from different perspectives. What works to help me understand, say, functions for instance may NOT click for you. But another approach may. And hardcopy, though expensive, is much easier to use as a reference then webpages, and usually contain more and more thorough information (not dissing this website, or any mind you!)

b) Get help. Oh God, get help. You will need help. Lots of help. All the time. Well, ok, maybe not that bad. But don't be afraid to ask for help. I don't mean you need thousands of posts here every day. You SHOULD put in at least some effort trying to find the answer yourself, but if you are just flat out stumped, feel free to ask.

c) Code. The best way to learn is by doing. You will crash programs, you may crash your computer, you might crash your face into the keyboard when the compiler spits out more lines of errors then you have lines of code, but it WILL make you a better programmer (once you figure out WHY the compiler is being a nasty pain in the rear, or you ask someone why.) It really doesn't take much to make a perfectly functional program in C++. It might not be efficient, it might not be pretty, but the most important thing is to make it work, and work right. After that you can worry about efficiency.

Like I said, I'm fairly new to C++ as well but doing those 3 things really helped me out. The folks here are top notch and friendly (as long as you USE CODE TAGS. Oh, and remember that words typed on a forum don't translate intention of the typer to well. Take things with a grain of salt. And yes, I'm apologizing to you LB!) Mostly, sit back and enjoy the ride. :)
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