msvcr110.dll missing

Every time i try to create a release from my visual studio 2012,
it always asks to my friends a msvcr110.dll which has to be inside the folder or in the windows folder.
How can i remove this error and include the .dll every time i create a program directly from the build and compile?
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Any help pls?
One solution is to have your friends install the appropriate microsoft visual C++
redistributable package. Then, they'll be able to run any program you send them.
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I already sent the package and it worked, but i mean how to fix that for everyone? (without the package)
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Then you have to statically link to the library. This is how you can do it in Visual C++ 2008:

The procedure should be similar in Visual C++ 2012. If not, perhaps someone else knows better.
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Thanks, hope it works!
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