time(NULL) crash


I have 3 'c' files. "A.c" is main file, "B.c" is menu and "C.c" is clock file. In my case I want to show the time in main file and after I call to "C.c" it will work properly .And in menu file there is a menu item call view time. If I select that menu item application will crash. I did put some print's and try to detect in witch place the crash occur. It's time(NULL); method. If I call it on "A.c" it will work properly. But if I call it on "B.c" it will crash. I am new to c and I can't understand whats happening. What I want to do?

Thank you,.
It's almost impossible to fix specific problems like this without viewing any code, post the smallest amount needed for us to be able to view where the problem occurs/where it works.
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