Compiling with Visual Studio 2012

I don't really know how it works. But I can't figure how to compile C++ DOS-like (Console) applications which normal compilers do (like DEV-CPP). I don't do projects, just normal C++ applications.

Could someone teach me how to compile C++ source file and compiled as a DOS-like application? Thanks. I'm still new to this program.
do you want to create an executable from your source code?
or just run the source code via visual studio
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I want to create an executable just like normal compilers do. I want to compile my source code which I previously compiled with Dev-C++ to be compiled with Visual Studio 2012, but I don't see a compile menu.
Maybe press F7? Or go to Build->Build solution.
in the project configurations select "Release"
build the project (f7 or ctrl+alt+f7)

don't know if you have additional dependencies, but some libraries have different lib files for release and debug, you have to include the right ones.
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