Start with C++ 11?

I'm currently trying to learn C++, and alot of the videos I've been watching on are stressing the use of the new c++ 11 features "now."
As a beginner, shouldn't I learn the older standard first since the majority if not all code out there has not yet been updated to the newer standard?
Just want to ask for opinions before I decide to buy a book on c++ or just use online tutorials to learn the newer c++ 11 standard.
If you're trying to learn C++, then by all means, learn C++11 features, there will be no harm in starting to learn better tricks early on. If you're concerned about C++11 implementations in compilers, than I suggest upgrading your compiler as most of the popular ones, g++ and MSVC++ to name a few, already support a vast majority of C++11 features.

Yes, the basics of C++ as the most important, however, that's not to say that something implemented in the C++11 standard can't make your life a little easier.

Think of it this way, why learn how to make flour, butter, and eggs just to make a cake when all of that stuff is easily bought? Same concept, back in the days, you had to define flour, butter, and eggs just to make some programs. With some of the C++11 features, they're already defined, and typically a lot better than if you would have done them.

Keeping up with the times will save a lot of headaches down the road, and if MSDN is providing a service that is up-to-date, then I suggest using that. It's hard to find any sort of tutorials online that are all placed in one location.
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