2D Gaming Libraries

After a bit of Googling, I haven't been sure of what library I'd like to use. I'm going to attempt to create a 2D game, and was wondering if I could get opinions on some good ones than run on Linux. Preferably an easy to use one, so I can learn it quickly (I give up on things eventually without some sense of progress, it's why I'm not that good of a programmer. EDIT: I don't truly...give up, but I tend to lose motivation quite quickly.) Thank you all in advance.
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I would recommend SFML. Its very intuitive, and easy to pick up.

SFML is a good one. I would recommend writing your little game that could in something like Qt and just build it yourself. You could use QPainter to paint all the graphics and QAudio (?) for sound and Qt provides a professional library for making GUI applications, so windows are covered along with 2D HUD elements (buttons, lists, etc.)

If you really feel inclined to use a library (of which I wouldn't recommend because they can be poorly built and can be poorly-documented), I would use something like Torque2D.
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