Wich syntax is correct?

Hi, in my school I've been learning this kind of syntax:

char Name[21];

int main()
printf("What's your name?:\t");
scanf("%[^\n]", &Name);
printf("Well, then hello, world from %s", Name);
return 0;

And every time I come here for help I find another type of syntax, the one with the cout, cin and all the << >>.

Can anybody tell me what's the difference? Is it related to the standarizations?

Wich one is more appropiate?

Juan Carlos
The syntax you used is syntax for C, not C++. The cout and con is all c++
cin>>* not con sorry
Dammit, my whole has been a lie. I'll try the tutorial on this page , hopefully I'll learn fast.

Thanks a lot :D
It's allowed (although rarely needed) to use the C-style I/O in a C++ program, but note that even in C, scanf("%[^\n]", &Name); has two errors:

First, &Name is not a pointer to char, it is a pointer to an array of 21 char. The correct syntax is &Name[0] or just Name.

Second, the size of Name is 21 bytes, which means you must use the length specifier: %20[^\n] in this case (20 letters and 1 null terminator), instead of the unlimited %[^\n]. Otherwise someone could type more than 20 characters and cause buffer overrun, which leads to anywhere from crashing to having all your passwords stolen.
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