Would like advice for books and courses to learn c++

Hi I am interested in learning to programme in c++ I currently have no programming experience I understand fully I will not learn this quickly and that a lot of time is required to learn c++ and get experience in it I have a lot of time to give to learning it. I know there is a lot of poor quality information on learning materials for c++ in the shops and on the internet. I would like to get information on the list of books you would recommend as people who know a lot in c++ so that I do not learn from poor quality learning materials and take the right path to begin with. Also if you recommend any paid for online schools I would be interested in finding out about them. Thank you
C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures 6th ed. by Malik

It gave me a good start, it should be the same with you.
so that I do not learn from poor quality learning materials

That's a good goal, although it's not easy with C++, due to the sheer amount of poor quality learning material.

There is a peer-reviewed book list at Stack Overflow, which is probably the most trustworthy source at this point:

The beginner level books listed there are "C++ Primer", "Accelerated C++", "Thinking in C++", and "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++"

Personally, I would recommend C++ Primer (5th edition) of those four, as the most up to date.

You can study the language with an experienced tutor. It is better than some courses.
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